Sunday, May 19, 2013


I need to know. There are some ways but would I not be too intrusive if I am the one who’s going to make the first move? I am not even sure what my friend would think of me if I would be doing that. However, at the back of my mind I was thinking. We have spoken, joked, this before. There were some hints. I believe that it could actually happen and that could be right now.


Just a teaser. Hehehe. I feel I should not start this season with a bang. I think it’s more appropriate to start this with some little updates with what I have been doing because I know that it’s been a while. Am I right?

It’s exactly four months since my last post. The last one was not even that memorable. So what’s now with Trip after four months of sleeping alone? Am I lonely? Perhaps that is easily expected when you have been accustomed to have someone almost every day. Yeah, I am alone but certainly not lonely. What the hell technology is doing if it could not connect people even virtually?

Life for me has been very busy these days. I could not afford to even spend an overnight sleepover. I always think of the two kids. Who’s going to feed them? Who’s going to clean up their mess? I could not imagine what would be our place look like once I am back. Sleepovers, much more weekend getaways, are only possible if someone could baby sit for me.

I’m much into photography these days. I even paid for a membership in an online photography community. That’s how serious I am now with regards to using my beloved Nikon D60. I also bought a prime lens to add more teeth to my gear. Right now, my favourite subjects are landscape, nature, still life and street photography.

Working out is still part of my routine. Three times a week, one hour every session. Badminton is on weekdays, at least once a week. Running is every Saturday morning and once I learn there is an organized run with a low registration fee, I would join the 10K event. I really miss swimming this summer. I just can’t squeeze it in.

I just started a new blog at Wordpress. It is a photo blog supplementing my online membership to the photography community. I like it because it appeals to an international audience. I do not need to customize the template since I feel the photos are enough to attract readers.

The first term of HB’s graduate school is also ending. I volunteered to help him with proofreading his papers and presentations. Thanks to technology that it is very easy to communicate with him. I told him to enjoy the break and encourage him not to work. But I guess he would opt to work if there’s an opportunity and I would not prevent him from doing so.

What else I am doing these days? Oh yes, that. How’s my sex life? Hmmm... Isn't that what the first paragraph is leading to? Let's wait...



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