Sunday, May 26, 2013

Next Time

I need to know. There are some ways but would I not be too intrusive if I am the one who’s going to make the first move? I am not even sure what my friend would think of me if I would be doing that. However, at the back of my mind I was thinking. We have spoken, joked, this before. There were some hints. I believe that it could actually happen and that could be right now.

When my friend first brought his boyfriend to our place, I thought that he is the real deal, the boyfriend I mean. I was looking at the person whom I also befriended on Facebook. He is slim, fair, and good-looking. The only thing that I wasn’t expecting was how short he is. I am not being offensive but sometimes, we usually have preconceived idea of how would a person looks like basing from existing associations. My friend is tall so probably his bf would be tall also. Anyway, he being tall or short doesn’t really matter since to regular guys, he would surely be on the category “cute”.

The bf was relatively silent during the first session. We passed around the drink and downed two bottles. Did we get drunk? I guess so. But we were not behaving drunk. We just thought that we don’t like the brand of the alcohol but still we managed to finish them off. Conversation through all the night was limited. We have mainstream videos on TV to focus on. Was there tension? I mean sexual tension while we were drinking? I’m not really sure. I was trying to read their behaviour and I must say, there was tension but it’s more on the effort to make BF comfortable.

They have to sleep over at my place. Yes, HB is not around. We have the room by ourselves. However, I am too courteous to offer them the red sofa bed because only two people can share it. I fixed the lower bunk bed just next to the sofa bed. The beds were almost level so basically, we were sleeping next to each other. The BF was between us. I think we lay down at around two or three in the morning.

Though I am drunk I could not really fell asleep. I was in and out of sleep. There was still this curiosity that I need to mind of. I need to know but I need to be discreet about it. There were no movements on my right. I don’t know if they were fast asleep. My bed is about four inches higher than the sofa bed so if I extend my hand it would fell just above the body of the BF and since I am taller than him, my hand would fell just above his crotch. No, I don’t plan to touch him deliberately. I would only want him to feel that my hand is over him.

It did touch his body since I got big hands and long fingers. There was no reaction at first but when he finally did react I was smiling. He was thrusting his crotch at the back of my hand. I did not move my hand. I let it stay above his crotch. He continued doing this for a few more times. I think he stopped because it’s not that easy to hold his hips up. When I felt that, I let my hand fell more until it rested on his crotch. I waited for a moment then I felt the movement of his dick at the back of my right hand. That very moment I asked myself, would I proceed? I already knew.

The sun was already rising during that time. I could see from the window that the lights were switch off in the lobby of the hallway.  That means it's around six in the morning.  And how many times did I hear the alarm of my cellphone rang?  I lost count because I didn't want my visitors to know that I am already awake.  Or did they already.  I was already expecting some movement outside the room.  At least my other housemate was already making his morning coffee and was already sitting at the couch watching TV.  And of course, my adorable pet was already outside the door wondering why the door was close even.  But am I already contended with what I just learned?

There was this urge to shift my hand and really feel that hard and contracting piece of meat under me. But I still held back. Though there is this statement that sometimes haunts me whenever I encounter this type of situation “There will always be no next time.”,  I would still believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way. So, I snickered at the thought and and assured myself, “There will always be a next time.”


Mamon said...

delikado yung ganyan ah. still, that's hot hehe

Trip said...

paanong delikado? hindi naman siguro. :)

JM said...

After all these years Kuya Trip, you're still a tease. And reading your entries, somehow, you wisdom has rubbed into me. :)

Boying Opaw said...

there MUST be a next time...


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