Monday, June 3, 2013

Right Time

Nothing was mentioned that day, the whole week even.  That’s kind of normal I think.  The only thing that would be abnormal is when I wouldn’t receive any messages from my friend within that week.  Usually he would text or would simply like my status on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram or any other social networking site.  I think it is his small way of saying hi.  Hence, I think if he would do that that would mean all is fine.  And so, I received a message from him suggesting for another visit.

On that second weekend, they brought another two bottles of Boracay Rhum.  Darn, would I get myself drunk even if I knew that this could be the right time that something would really happen?  I am sure there will be.  What I am not sure was would it be just between me and the boyfriend or there would be a threesome?

This time they came early.  We did not waste time to open the first bottle.  We did not assign anyone to do the round-up.  Anybody can fill the jigger glass of someone until my friend surrendered first.  To my amazement the boyfriend was the one who kept the glass empty that night.  I was also surprised because with his size, I guess he could not be more than 100 lbs., he could not possibly handle much alcohol.  The boyfriend was also a little bit comfortable unlike his first visit.  He was even a little bit touchy to my friend.  Was he setting the mood?  We decided not to open the second bottle.

We have the same sleeping arrangement like the last one that they were here.  The boyfriend was still at the center.  We lied and let the time passed by.  Just like the other week, I could not sleep straight.  My mind was playing some stuff.  I am drunk but I am still in control with my body and mind.  I could try the same strategy like the last sleepover and I am sure now that it could progress to something we would really want.  It was still early.

I let my hand dropped out of the bed and it fell right on the side of his hips. It was bony.  I wonder if he’s thin all over.  I remember my experiences with short and thin men?  The last one had a pinkie size dick.  But I thought that it does not always follow since I also have encountered the same body structure but possessing a large dick, bigger than mine even.  So, I did not judge him at that instant.

Just like the previous week, it took some time for a movement to follow.  I waited for him to respond and when he did, he guided his hips until I could feel a bump underneath. He was already erect.  To make it more obvious, he was contracting it.  I made a little movement with my hands as if to stroke the hardness in his groin.  He kept contracting his dick.  I made a quick glance at him and I thought he was looking at me.  It was not a good decision to assume but I did, so I deliberately stroked him with the back of my hand.  When I received no protestations, I moved my hand inside his shirt and caressed his flat stomach.

That’s it.  We were already very aware what we were doing.  I barely looked at him so I did not know whether my friend was also aware.  I already shifted my hand so it was already my palm that did the caressing of his body and stroking his bulge.  From what I am feeling of his dick, it was thinner than mine but not that thin as a pinkie.  I fumbled for his belt to release it.  Fortunately, he helped me with the unbuckling.  When I felt that there was no obstruction anymore, I inserted my hand inside his shorts and pulled out his dick.  I was right.  Never judge a short man.  His dick is longer than a pinkie.  He is well endowed for his height.

He was moaning with my ministrations.  I was even facing him now but not really looking at him.  I put my finger at the tip of his dick and I felt his pre-cum.  With its amount, it lubricated his entire cock.  I jerked him off playing with its head to get more pre-cum.

With my other hand, I tried to reach for his nipple.  I also played with it, shifting from one to another.  He was moaning a little bit louder that I believe could awaken my friend.  And then something I could have expected happened.  He was reaching for my friend.  He seemed to be pulling him to join us.  I could hear my friend’s groan.  He kept to his side away from us.  I thought the boyfriend really wanted my friend to join us because he kept on pulling him to our side.  Perhaps sensing that he could not win him over, he let him continue his sleep.

I felt pleasing him with my hands was not enough for him because I felt he’s not ready to cum yet.  Perhaps letting him feel me could increase his urges to ejaculate.  So, I single-handedly removed my shirt and lowered down my pajama pants.  While I am stroking his dick, I was also playing with my body and now engorged cock.  I moaned to let him know what I am doing.  My moans and groans were left unnoticed.  It took a very short while when I felt a hand touching my body.  He was playing with chest and abdomen.  I increased my motion on his cock.  He was really moaning hard now and then I felt his hand on my dick.  It felt good.  His hand was soft and was holding my dick very firmly.  He was now matching the speed of my hand.

It’s been minutes now, perhaps an hour since the first touch.  It did not take long and he let out his final groan and released that long awaited orgasm.  I kept on squeezing and releasing the shaft of his dick to increase the sensation and trajectory of his cum.  His hand meanwhile was pumping hard at my dick.  It was a full length motion that really made me wanting to cum.  Although he was already steadying up his breathing from orgasm, mine was still approaching.  His hand was so unbearable now that I could not any longer held it back, and then came that overwhelming feeling.

That was hot and wild.  We were even oblivious that my friend was next to us.  It seemed that what happened was just a dream that I did not remember that we cleaned up.  The next thing I remembered was the alarm from someone’s cellphone.  We stepped out of the room with the sun filled with brightness as if telling us this is a beautiful day to remember all the good things to come.  When I showed them to the door, our last words to each other were “Next time ulit.”


Boying Opaw said...

there MUST be another next time! for god's sake...wake the BF up! time.


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