Saturday, June 8, 2013

Warm Bodies

I woke up and felt someone’s hand touching my body. Where am I? My head is spinning around. The back of my neck is in a lot of pain. What happened? What knocked me out last night? Am I even alive? Then there’s the touch again. The hand is freezing cold but it is not preventing my cock to respond. It is beginning to grow. I adjust my sight to zero in on the person who is doing this. There is a head slowly descending towards my growing hard-on. Who could he be? When his mouth encircled my dick, I let out a muffled scream. The head looked at me. “R!” My whole body trembled.

I wake up. That was the craziest and scariest dream I had for years. I dreamed of “R” and I almost creamed my pajama pants. It was crazy but hot. “R” is hot I think. And “R” is even a zombie. Errr... with a heart. Hehehe.

Agree or not, “Warm Bodies” has something to tell that most high budgeted films seem to lack. Even the “Twilight” series could not beat the impact that the former made when I’m done watching it and it’s so unfair to even liken the two. I never thought I would like “Warm Bodies”. I thought I was just going in for laughs having the first idea of what the film is all about. Indeed it has its funny factor but there’s more into it than meets the eye.

It’s just like any other Zombie movie. It’s not because blood here did not ooze out entirely from the bodies and limbs of humans being eaten. Nor there were brains splattering around from the zombies’ heads. It’s a zombie evolving back to being human.

It’s like the “Twilight” movies. It’s not because in the first place there were no vampires sucking blood nor a vampire falling in love with a vampire. Nor there was an elite privileged clan who has extraordinary powers to battle fellow vampires and werewolves. It’s just ordinary zombies realizing that their humanity is coming back.

It’s like “Romeo and Juliet”. Yes! There’s R and Julie as the main characters. There’s the clan of zombies and a clan of humans. There’s the love to fight for and of course the total “giveaway” when “R” showed up under the terrace of Julie. It’s totally corny but hey, this is Shakespeare. However, it’s still not “Romeo and Juliet” because it was a happy ending. This is the total beauty of the movie because when everybody was already predicting the death of the protagonist, it did not happen.

The film is a feel good movie in general. Although there is a withstanding set of beliefs encompassing the culture of zombies on film, the twist of having zombies realizing their humanity is truly amazing, unimaginable, very creative, and perhaps, possibly reasonable. I could be very critical at times but I could care less about “Warm Bodies”. All because of the message it conveyed.

Hope. That is the main message of the movie I think. While everyone is on the verge of surrendering to the fate of inexistence, there is this little chance of hope that when given a second chance could prosper so a new beginning may start. And what kindled that hope? Well, what could be the corniest characteristics of being human?

Love of course.



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