Monday, June 17, 2013

The Watcher

Showering alone in a public place that has no secured lockers for guests has always been a problem to me.  How would I react if someone would suddenly grab my belongings that I placed just outside the door of the shower cubicle?  Yes, I let the door hang open so I can watch over them but am I willing to chase the would-be thief around the place butt naked, or I would just let him or her go away with it?  

We just finished our badminton game.  All of my male teammates had left the court already and only one lady teammate remained.  I grabbed my bag and proceeded to the shower area which I found empty.  Where to put my things?  I could not just leave it on the bench beside the sink.  Although I could see it, it’s a little bit distant from me and it would look unattended.  The best place I thought is to place it just outside the cubicle.  For added security I removed my wallet from my bag, place it in one of the pockets of my jeans and brought it with me inside the cubicle.  Whatever happens, I would still have my pants and money, at least.

The water from the shower head trickles on my body.  This doesn't help much when I am in a hurry.  I also have to get closer to the wall just to optimize the flow of the water.  I thought that the longer I stay here the bigger the chance that other guests would come in.  This means that I would really be more watchful.  When I started lathering up, I heard voices and steps entering the premises of the shower area.

There were two sets of voices.  I quickly glance at the new arrivals.  They are still on their working clothes.  I thought they won’t be staying long inside the area.  They would be eager to change and play but just the same, I still need to check if my bag is just where I left it.  It is lying there on the floor, safe.  I look up and to my surprise one of the men is watching me.  I guess he did not see me turned my head.  What is he looking at?  I turn my whole body 180 degrees facing him.  Caught by surprise, he turns his gaze away from me.

I got a potential prey but I still need to be discreet.  This is a military installation and it is too risky to get naughty.  However, there is this feeling of excitement on doing something on a different place.  I am sure that he’s not in the military.  The haircut and clothing suggest that he is civilian.  Am I going to test the water?  From my back, I could still feel that he is looking at me.  I am finishing in the shower and they are still inside.

Before going out of the cubicle, I dried myself off and put on my pants.  I grab my bag and place it on the bench a foot or two from the watcher.  While fixing myself, I began checking the two men out.  The watcher is sitting on the bench.  He is already dressed up for the game yet he is still sitting there.  He has fair complexion, wavy hair, has a goatee, and maybe in his mid-twenties.  He looks straight unlike his companion who is quite effeminate in action and voice.  The latter is also done with his play attire.  Are they partners?  I don’t think so basing from their tones of voices when they speak to each other.

I sit on the bench, pause to breathe in some air, stretch my arms up and hold them for a while.  My jeans is loose on the waist and I have not tighten my belt yet so while I am holding my arms up there is a gap between my body and the jeans.  If he is looking, perhaps he could imagine what lies beneath.  I bend and take my socks from my chucks, put them on and fix my shoelaces.  I stand up facing the watcher.  My loose jeans almost fall off from my hips.  It was just saved by the protrusions in front of my crotch and my butt.  I grab my belt and fasten it very slowly.  The watcher’s eyes are darting off and on from what I am doing and to his companion who is talking to him.  Whatever they are talking about, I don’t have any idea.

Then subconsciously, the watcher’s hand hold his crotch adjusting something.  I could see the mold of his cock from his shorts.  He is fully erect.  He is now responding openly to my advances but he was too conscious to look up at me.  I thought his companion is fully aware of what is happening.  When I looked at him, I could see the awkwardness in his face yet I could sense his tolerance with the watcher.  Amusingly, I feel that they somehow are communicating.  I finished buckling my belt.

My shirt comes next.  I take it out from my bag and walk in front of the mirror.  I turn the faucet on and wet my hand and apply it on my torso.  If he is still watching, he would be seeing how ripped my torso is.  I spread the water on my chest and abdominals making sure that they contract as I touch them.  Then, I heard the companion’s voice rising from the normal tone.  “Tara na!”  In a split second the room becomes empty.

To be continued …


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