Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Watcher

People would most likely attend to the call of nature, and sexual urge is one of them.  Therefore, the probability that the watcher will return and answer this call would be 95 to 100 percent.  I continued dressing up and just as I am about to finish, I heard the curtain of the men’s room sliding and footsteps in the adjacent urinal room.  If that is the watcher then that’s the best move he could make.  He doesn’t have any business in the shower/dressing area anymore.  Walking in here would be too obvious.  I already know what to expect if I enter the urinals.

The watcher is in front of the mirror.  He is already looking at me as I step out of the shower room.  Seeing him and knowing that he’s expecting me makes me to think twice.  Will I submit to the urges or get out fast since my lady team mate is waiting for me?  I am not even that horny to really satisfy an urge.  And most importantly, I have confirmed the sexuality of this man.  What else must I prove?

I entered the urinals.  The mirror is small and so is the sink, just enough to accommodate a single person.  The watcher is standing there at the center, fixing something that needs no fixing.  I place my bag beside the sink and wait for him to give me some room.  Since he is not moving yet I choose to go to the urinal and peed.  This guy really wants it. I thought to myself and decided to give it to him.  I return to the sink with my zip still open.  I position myself next to him making sure that he has a good look on what I am going to do.

It is now 7:30.  During this time there are only few people left inside the gym.  Few patrons would enter the urinals.  There is a chance that something can happen between the watcher and me.   With his eyes locked on me now, I lifted my shirt to expose more skin.  My bulge under my undies is showing off for his eyes to indulge in.  I put my hand inside and repositioned my dick.  While the watcher is looking at my hands, I am looking at his face.  I watch as he licked his lips and cleared his throat.  I also see how he squeezed his crotch.  I move to his sides.

The sexual tension is already in the air.  The watcher is already breathing hard as I delayed the zipping of my fly.  This is how you should fix something that needs fixing.  I laughed silently.  My cock is growing steadily.  I adjusted it again so it would not come out from my undies.  I stroke the outline it makes to show its length to the watcher.  I could feel the watcher’s need to touch it.  “Hawakan mo.”

The watcher is still hesitant.  He must be thinking that we are in a very risky place.  Being caught would not only mean humiliation but possibly also being banned to play in this court.  But how long could he resist my cock.

The watcher is wearing a dri-fit type of shorts.  It has a very thin fabric that when one wears it, it would cling to the object that it is covering.  I also have that kind of shorts, so I know how it feels wearing those.  I must also say wearing the short makes me uncomfortable when there is some stirring underneath.   When I look at the watcher, he is in total discomfort.  He is now stroking his dick through his short that is already forming a tent.  At the tip, there is a dark spot that could mean he is having precum.  I thought it is best to let him cum as soon as possible before someone else would enter the room.  I thought he needs help so with my right hand I took his left hand and put it on my crotch.  He suddenly takes a hold on my cock and very firmly squeezes it.  He is already breathing hard and I believe he is near orgasm.  I release my cock out from my undies and he did not wait for a second to grab it and jerk it furiously.  I look at him.  His eyes are already glued on the mirror watching what he is doing.  I also take a look at my cock.  The head is so engorge now from his tight grip as he pushes and pulls on the shaft.  I could feel the numbness as blood rushes to the head.  I don’t know if I could ejaculate here.

Our bodies are already touching.  My right hand is holding my pants from falling while my left hand is holding my undies downward.  I let the watcher do his thing as I keep my balance supporting his weight since he is already leaning on me.  His body is also rocking back and forth.  I look at his face again and once more watch how he licks his lips.  I lean toward his ear and said, “Isubo mo.”  Then suddenly I felt his body trembling and his hips thrusting.  He is ejaculating.  His grip on my cock freezes, and I, also froze from my feet.

There are voices behind us, and shadows.  Fortunately, they choose to enter the shower room.  They are basketball players, really big men.  I would not have any idea what would their reactions be in case they see us or at least glance at our situation.  However, the sink area is unlit.  They might see us here but surely they would never recognize our faces.  When the last man disappears from the mirror, I look at the watcher.  His face is still in ecstasy.  When I look down at his shorts, his cum is oozing out from the thin fabric.  It looks awful.  I remove his grip from my cock and tuck it in inside my undies.  I fasten my belt and take a look once more at the watcher.  I am marking him.

When I went outside the comfort room, I passed by the companion of the watcher.  He was looking at me.  I am not sure what he was thinking but perhaps one of those thoughts would have, “They really did it.”  Perhaps he would also be thinking that “I could never have done that.” or even “I could try that maybe.”


The place spells risk, in capital letters, but what made me, us do it is plain craziness and perhaps stupidity and no matter how much justification or rationalization I would do, conventional thinking would always say, “NO”.  On the other hand, what happened could not define me or the watcher as a whole and surely could not define a subculture.  Individuals are still individuals.  Each is unique in his or her own merit.  We can deviate once, twice or even most of the time yet there is this point in space that everyone would meet and that is where understanding and realizations exist.



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