Monday, July 22, 2013

The Better Decision

Disclaimer: This is better appreciated if you are a viewer of the GMAs TV series “My Husband’s Lover” or you can view the synopsis here.

There are no happy endings.  Even in fairy tales, it’s not always a happy ending for all characters because there would always be a person who would suffer or sad or even ending up dead.  And this is a fact of life. So when the story “My Husband’s Lover” ends, do not expect a happy ending.

Lally is the heart of the story.  That is the writer’s statement. This is the reason why she is the one narrating the story.  So if there is an ending, the ending has to be dictated by her.

In previous episodes, Lally was already determined to preserve her family, her marriage.  She already threatened Vincent to expose him if he continues to see Eric.  She also went to Eric’s apartment and threatened him.  So far, she is the one who has the upper hand.  However, this action is making her the villain of the story.  What will happen if the two will continue to see each other?  Will she go to the extent of pulling a gun and make a kill?  (Ending #1)This is unlikely.  It has been programmed to the minds of the viewers that the story seems to have no villain so it is impossible to make any of the characters a killer.

If Lally on the other hand can be successful in convincing or forcing Vincent or Eric to stay away from the other (Ending #2), then that is well and good.  For sure Lally and Vincent would continue to bring up the family.  They will also preserve the sanctity of the vows they made in front of the altar.  They will continue to accept the approval of the people around them.  Yet, there would be this question needing to be answered.   Will Lally simply ignore the scene she witnessed on that fateful moment when his husband and Eric is about to kiss?  Will she dismiss the feeling of loathing and distrust when she is together with Vincent?

Preserving the family might be the motive of Lally if she decides to continue living with Vincent.  However, will that guarantee each other’s happiness?  It is established in the story how pure Vincent and Eric love for each other.  Separating the two would bring agony to them.  If this feeling prevails, how would that affect the relationship between Vincent and Lally?

There is no such thing as unselfish or unconditional love, but the least that Lally could do is to let Vincent go (Ending #3).  If Lally’s concern is with her kids, Vincent is a good father.  He could always provide what a father can for his children.  As a husband, Lally is already distrustful with Vincent.  She already doubted Vincent.  Thus, if she wants peace in her mind, she has to free Vincent even if he would not agree with it.

There are three options for Lally to end her story.  Whatever she chooses, it will reflect on her character.  If she chooses the first, then she would not only come out as the bitter looser but also the villain.  If she chooses the second one, then she would be consistent to the character as dictated by the people surrounding her and by society at large.  On the other hand, if she chooses the last one, then she would portray that character that has respect not only for other’s feelings but most especially for her own.

Lally’s decision at the end will dictate the next chapter of her story.  It may not be a happy ending but she could always make a better one that deserves respect from her audience.



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